Case Study 2 – The Burnt-Out Company Exec

This client was a company executive, who had reached burnout. His health was deteriorating and he had reached the unprecedented decision to take time off his job, hoping the break would improve matters.

By going through the process, we found the root cause of his health issues, we removed this from his neurology and we released his true potential.

He now holds down a very senior executive role, in which he is very happy, and enjoys his ideal work/life balance.

“I recently attended coaching sessions with Jacqueline. I was very sceptical when I first started, as I was not sure whether the coaching sessions would help or not.

Hitting health problems, which had lasted 2-3 years, finally led me to give up my full-time position.

I was dejected, exhausted, unmotivated, unconfident, negative, not knowing what direction to take in my personal life or career and feeling extremely guilty for letting my family down.

Through the coaching I was able to look into the root of my problem, and made me deal with events and other things in my past that I thought I had dealt with but obviously hadn’t. Not to bottle things up and to speak to someone. To let go of the past and move on.

Through different methods at hand and a friendly mentor I am now feeling more confident, better mentally and physically and making major changes to my life.

Without this help I do not think I would be in the position I am now to move forward and strive to achieve what I want form life. The benefits to you would be enormous.

I now have a position where my salary much more substantial and I work half the hours so my work/life balance is where I planned for it to be.

Work smarter not harder.”


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