Case Study 3 – The Sacked Chief Executive

This chief executive came to me in distress. He had been sacked from an organisation he had devoted over three decades to, which was all his working life. He regarded the people within the organisation as more important than his family. He was hurt and very angry, which was out of character for him.

During the process we released the anger, hurt and sadness. This allowed him to be at peace with himself, able to enjoy his life. We worked on his future opportunities and he became motivated towards a clear goal.

He is now actively searching for a new position that is perfect for him and because of his renewed motivation is attracting significant attention.

“Having someone to listen, talk over issues important to you and help you find your own solution – is a rare gift.

Jacqueline provided me with the confidence to reconsider my career and life choices, renewed my confidence and plans for the future.

Listening responding and coaching in a non-judgmental manner is a key feature of Jacqueline’s role and proved to me immeasurably helpful.”


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