Case Study 4 – The Businesswoman Who Had Lost Her Drive

This client is a very well-respected businesswoman and is known for her success. She approached Remojo because she felt she had lost her drive and she could not find her purpose, which was completely alien to her.

During the process she found what her blocks were and removed them. She regained her focus.

She has since started two new, very successful businesses in the space of a year.

“My NLP Journey was intimate and trusting as well as entirely professional.

Jacqueline maintains a very objective approach, which is non-judgmental and accepting, and that creates a good atmosphere for revelation and growth.

Having approached my sessions feeling that I didn’t have a specific issue that I wanted to deal with, I was surprised that I did indeed have some emotional blockages which needed to be cleared, and now I am benefiting because I have learned that I can speak the words in my head without fear, and without anger, or resentment, and that my thoughts are important. So along with that ability, my confidence in who I am has grown and continues to do so.

I now have a business goal which is clear, time bound and completely fits with me and my future and doesn’t feel overwhelming. I also know in my heart that it will happen.

Thank you Jacqueline for pushing my boundaries, but not to the point that I stopped enjoying the process. NLP took me back to my starting point, and encouraged me to understand and to forgive the past, and to look forward to a future which will be made by me, for me and will be shared with others.”


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