Case Study 5 – The Woman Who Couldn’t Sleep

This client presented a very angry persona, as she had not slept more than three hours a night for over 35 years. This was now having a serious impact on her performance and productivity.

The process identified the issue, which went back to incidences in her childhood that she had never properly confronted.

Within two sessions, she was sleeping seven hours a night, without any medication. This resulted in a significant positive mood change, and marked improvement in her productivity and a renewed zest for life.

“It’s assumed by many that as you mature and age you become more at ease and contented with life, more appreciative and relaxed. Unfortunately for me the opposite seemed to be the case. Anxiety and insomnia seemed to increase with each passing year!

By pure chance I found my way to Jacqueline’s door. After only a couple of sessions I was sleeping 6-7 hours a night.

With her wise and kindly guidance, I’ve restored calmness and balance to my world and look forward to the next phase of my life with energy and enthusiasm.
I feel a different person, thank you Jacqueline.”


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