Case Study 6 – The Frustrated CEO

This client built the business from the start and is now the CEO with 160 employees.
She was so driven she had forgotten to communicate with her team about what she expected from them. This had become an issue and she was frustrated by the staff and therefore the business. The lack of communication also caused her to feel isolated and alone.

The process helped her to realise that she had people within her organisation who were extremely capable, and with the right direction and encouragement could help the business grow.

Once she had realised this, she was much more content in the workplace and, as a result, so were the staff. With the client being clear about what is required and everyone pulling in the right direction, the business is now more profitable and fulfilling its potential. The organisation has doubled in size and she has taken on additional staff. 

“I was in a dark place when I was put me in contact with Jacqueline.

I attended nine sessions and found Jacqueline to be a breath of fresh air, easy to get on with and looked forward to my sessions with her.

I am pleased to say that I feel so much better in myself, have a more positive attitude and feel more confident in facing and dealing with work and personal issues.

I have now made a plan for the future and look forward to it.

I had fallen down and Jacqueline helped me to get back up again, dust myself down and move on in a positive way.”


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