Case Study 7 – The ‘Stuck In The Middle’ Senior Nurse

This client is a senior nurse for the MOD. Her position within the MOD can sometimes be very confrontational because she is the liaison between the ‘Sergeant Major types’ and the nurses, and she is often torn between the two.

The transformation happened after one session. It’s not uncommon for clients have a realisation after a single session.

She left the session with renewed energy and significant motivation. She had realised she had an important voice within the organisation.

“I think if you become stuck and in a rut with your life, Jacqueline is the ‘go to’ person for this.

Many of us get caught up with competing forces in our life, that take over and we forget who we are. Forget to prioritise.

Jacqueline always is full of energy and a great big smile. Very encouraging and puts you at ease.

She challenges unhelpful beliefs, helps you to leave it behind. Ditch it. And look forward with enthusiasm and new energy, to the future.

At the end of the session, I felt revitalised, full of energy, and a plan to move forward.

I’d definitely recommend Jacqueline. Being a nurse, I feel this could be on prescription, because of the way it helps you move on with your life.”


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