Case Study 8 – The Businesswoman In A Downward Spiral

This client had tasted significant success, but had reached a point where nothing was satisfying her anymore. Both work and personal life were awful. She was bored and unmotivated. Because of that, her business was suffering and making less money. Because of that, she was bored and unmotivated.

The work we did, looked at where her pain was. She had lots of self-doubt, which was new to her as she had always been successful. Through the coaching, we simply reminded her of what was important to her in life, which she had forgotten. We focused on a goal for her future that was real and positive. Everything changed from that moment.

With her mind refocused on what she wants, rather than what she doesn’t want, her zest for life returned, which has directly impacted on her work and personal life. She has now embarked on a new career at quadruple what she was earning before, as a direct result of coaching.

“Coaching with Jacqueline was, frankly, life-changing.

I expected some degree of change, but I experienced powerful positive transformation quickly!

Before going into coaching, I was at a crossroads. I knew I didn’t want to have a business anymore. I wished to change my career, but I was at a loss about where to go, riddled with self-doubt and negativity.

Within two coaching sessions, I had been offered a new job, at four times what I was earning in my business. I felt physically and emotionally lighter; the joie de vivre that I’d lost in the last ten years came back.

What made the difference was changing my behaviour and my thought patterns – it took commitment on my part, but the changes were so dramatic (new job, new boundaries, healed relationships) that it was worth it.

I’d never understood the power of my thoughts and the patterns I had created in my life.

With Jacqueline’s skill and expertise I was able to break out of these patterns that were holding me back in every single area of my life.

I thought I was reasonably happy before coaching, now I have this profound sense of peaceful contentment in everything I do – something that eluded me all my life until I had coaching.

I know now what matters to me, what I want to achieve for my future without the background noise of self-doubt, worry and old behaviours.”


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