Case Study 1 – The Downtrodden Businesswoman

This client was feeling downtrodden and struggling achieve the results she and her company had become familiar with.

The process revealed that a significant emotional event in the past was so deep, it was effecting her everyday activities within her business.

Once released, her success returned and her enthusiasm for life is now stronger than ever.

“I decided to have a look at what NLP could bring to the table for personal and career development. I felt there had been issues that was holding me back from achieving more in my career but I needed to find out more about what they were before I could set about taking things to the next level in my business.

During the course, I discovered that a long standing health problem of a frozen shoulder had suddenly eased significantly. Knowing that a big part of my problems across my neck and shoulders have always been stress related and the improvement came directly after one particular session.

I can only put this down to Jacqueline’s technique relieving a part of my subconscious mind that had been holding onto and not handling stress as well as I could.”


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