What is Hypnotherapy?

Jacqueline only uses hypnotherapy with some clients. Hypnotherapy requires the client to be committed to change and prepared to make the effort to make that change a reality.

Hypnotherapy is a technique that creates an altered state of consciousness, combined with positive suggestions, to bring about constructive transformation to your thoughts and behaviour.

It is an evidence based therapy, with over 70,000 research references worldwide, but which is often misunderstood by the public.

You will not be put to sleep. You will be fully conscious throughout. It is completely different from, and not to be confused with, stage hypnosis. It cannot force you to make any changes against your will.

“Hypnosis is largely a question of your willingness to be receptive and responsive to ideas, and to allow these ideas to act upon you without interference.”

Ernest R. Hilgard

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