The Reboot Retreat

The Reboot Retreat




Package Description

This is The Remojo for people that want to get back to their best in ultra-quick time. And want to do it in style.

This exceptional experience is a three-day residential approach, conducted at an exclusive hotel, located in or near Edinburgh.

It’s the ultimate indulgence, where everything is totally taken care of so you can shut the world out and reconnect with the original you.

On the first day, you travel and check-in to the hotel. Enjoy a relaxing lunch in readiness for a life-changing coaching session.

In the afternoon, it’s straight down to the business of you and what makes you tick.

We conclude about six and you are free enjoy all the opportunities the hotel has to offer.

Refreshed after a good night’s sleep and with a lovely breakfast inside you, you will be ready for the transformation that takes place on the second day.

The morning and afternoon sessions will change the way you view yourself and focus on your fabulous future. It is not scary, in fact it feels great! It is completely confidential and non-judgmental.

Again, we finish around six and you will be starting to feel incredibly different.

Take advantage of the hotel for a second evening and enjoy the opportunity to escape the outside world.

On the third day, after another luxurious night and hearty breakfast, you will be raring to go, to embrace your potential. You will be excited and enthused about your future, after this goal-setting session.

We finish just before lunch, giving you time to return home, renewed and refreshed, eager to transform your life.

The Reboot Retreat package includes a Reveal session and a Review session.

Also includes free pick-up/drop-off service from Edinburgh Airport or city centre train stations for international clients or those travelling from further afield in the UK.

Package Options

We understand that different clients have different ways of relaxing.

So, we offer three options: the City Hotel Package, the Scottish Castle Hotel Package and the Spa Hotel Package.

You pick the one you would prefer and we will come back to you with suggestions from our travel partner’s list of preferred hotels.

The package includes bed, breakfast and a light lunch (plus anything extra we can negotiate with the hotel at the time of booking).

Booking Information

You have the option to pay for the package in full, or to pay a 50% deposit.

If, after the Reveal, you decide you don’t want to continue with the sessions, we will refund you in full.

Once you have booked, we will be in contact to arrange the Reveal session.

Please note: We may need to charge a supplement if the booking is in a busy period for the hotels. This will be discussed with you before confirming the hotel.