A Senior Member Of Your Team

People are the most important asset any organisation can have. And keeping them in peak performance can make a huge difference to their productivity.

Let’s be cold and heartless for a minute. Think of your board or senior management as computers (don’t forget, they might be reading this too).

What happens when one of your computer stops performing properly? When it doesn’t respond to commands? When that little spinny thing just keeps spinning and spinning?

You turn it off and turn it back on again.

And, if this doesn’t work, you call IT.

IT does checks on the computer to identify the issues affecting its performance. They fix the issues. They install some anti-virus software to stop issues happening in the future and they then restart the machine.

Hey presto! It starts working like new again.

Well think of Jacqueline as ‘IT’ for your human circuit boards.

When one of your star players’ little spinny thing just keeps spinning and spinning, what do you do? Do you turn if off and turn it back on again – give them a day off, let them go on holiday?

And what if that doesn’t work? You call Jacqueline.

Jacqueline will run some checks to identify the issues affecting their performance. She will fix the issues. She will install some software to stop the issues from happening again. Restart. And hey presto!

Jacqueline will help them to understand their own strengths, their own values and that they are far more talented than they think the are. She will help them to feel inspired again.

“If you are interested, you’ll do what’s convenient. If you are committed, you’ll do what it takes.”

John Assaraf
Spiritual entrepreneur, philanthropist and teacher.

Show your senior management that they are more important to you than your clients or customers. Contact us today, to discuss The Restart package.