Your New Recruit

Are you about to invest tens of thousands of pounds bringing in a new member of senior management? 

Do you want them to bring with them enthusiasm and energy, that the rest of your team find infectious?

Well, why not make The Rewire part of the recruitment process?

It’s a win win.

They will benefit from a life-affirming experience that helps them to ditch any baggage they might bring with them from their last position (remember, there is a reason why they have been looking for a move), so they are refocused and re-energised with a fresh approach to their new position.

And you will benefit from not only the experience and ideas they have demonstrated through recruitment process, but from someone who will spread positivity throughout the workplace from day one, with none of the negative baggage.

The way managers and board members behave has a huge influence on the team under them. A positive outlook can be contagious. Make sure the effect your new recruit has on the team isn’t just the usual honeymoon period. With Jacqueline’s help, it could last forever.

“Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.”

Napoleon Hill
Author in the new thought tradition of the previous century, and an early producer of personal-success literature.

Show your new recruit how important their wellbeing is to your company.
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